Don’t let bugs bug you…bug us! 

Prevent Bug Bites in Your Yard

Keep your home and yard free from mosquitoes with reliable control services from Pest A Rest LLC. Whether you are looking for monthly control, mainly summer, or March through November services, we can accommodate your needs.

Using barrier spray treatment and a misting method, we will apply spray to the perimeter of your property and any surrounding foliage to keep you and your family safe from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry for 21 days. This method will kill mosquitoes on contact and act as a repellent for at least three weeks.

Count on us to also conduct FREE mosquito inspections to identify any mosquito breeding grounds. Contact Pest A Rest LLC today at 910-875-3009 to schedule your mosquito control and prevention services.
FREE Inspections

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Pest A Rest LLC is a licensed pest control company.
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